Orange County Register: Fred Whitaker Protecting Citizens Against Sex Offenders

Orange sued over sex-offender restrictions; Nonprofit group says city law that bans sex offenders from parks and schools is inconsistent with state regulations.
Orange County Register
June 18, 2014

A group seeking to reform sex-offender restriction laws is suing Orange and four of its council members for failing to repeal a city law that bans offenders from parks, schools and other locations.

…“These amendments (would) essentially gut the entire set of protections that we’ve put out there for children,” Councilman Fred Whitaker said at the meeting June 10.

…Orange’s law restricts sex offenders from being within 500 feet of a child-safety zone. That includes child-care centers, private and public schools, parks, libraries, school bus stops, swimming pools, businesses near playgrounds and any facility providing classes or activities for children.

…The lawsuit, filed in federal court Tuesday names council members Fred Whitaker, Mark Murphy, Denis Bilodeau and Mike Alvarez.

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